Complaints Policy


A complaint can be made about behaviour or actions carried out by: Creative Sport & Leisure; a member of staff employed by Creative Sport & Leisure; a subcontracted provider; an assessment organisation, a learner; or an associated employer or contractor, which causes significant disadvantage. Sometimes a complaint is called a grievance; the two terms mean essentially the same thing. The aim of any complaint should be to stop the offending behaviour; to secure appropriate and fair redress; and to learn how things might be done better in future. To the extent that they can suggest ways to improve, complaints are not necessarily undesirable.

Complaints concerning a subcontracted provider, an assessment organisation, an associated employer or contractor can be taken up with the relevant organisation, following their complaints procedure, or through Creative Sport & Leisure using this procedure.

Informal complaints

The most satisfactory way to resolve a complaint is often by direct discussion between the person who feels aggrieved and the person who seems to have given offence. To be effective in achieving a resolution discussions should be:

  • Calm, with no raised voices or inflammatory language.
  • Specific, with the grounds for complaint clearly stated and referring to the appropriate Creative Sport & Leisure policy wherever possible.
  • Un-confrontational; it may be that the offence, whilst real, was unintentional and a simple apology would suffice to lay matters to rest.
  • Constructive, seeking ways to avoid future difficulties.
  • An informal approach is most likely to work where the people concerned are of broadly equal status (for example, they are both learners) or they know each other well (for example, learner and tutor). The presence of a third person who is neutral in the dispute may help in its resolution. Where a complaint concerns a serious matter – violent bullying, racial abuse or discrimination by a member of staff against a learner, for example – it should always be dealt with formally.

Formal complaints

Even though the procedure is formal and may result in serious action against an offender if upheld, formal complaints will be dealt with in a sympathetic way, respecting the dignity of all concerned. The procedure for addressing a formal complaint is as follows:

  • The complainant should put their complaint in writing to CSLs Head Office or via email.
  • The complaints email address is
  • The complaints postal address is Complaints, Suite 3, 3rd Floor, Vantage House, 6-7 Claydons Lane, Rayleigh, Essex, SS6 7UP.
  • The complaint should be described in as much detail as possible and the complainant should agree that the information is correct.
  • The complaint will be given to the relevant manager (by 10 working days of receiving the complaint) and copied to the Director of Learning and Development and/or the Head of Quality.
  • The complaint investigation will be actioned by the relevant manager within 10 further days of receiving the complaint. If further time is needed then the complainant will be notified.
  • A written judgement on the complaint (within 10 days of the outcome), will be sent to the complainant,
    copied to the Director of Learning and Development and a record will be kept on the centres HR system.
  • The relevant manager will recommend any further action thought necessary related to the complaint.
  • All complaints are analysed, seeking patterns and annual report and recommendations for senior managers.
  • If the complaint cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of the complainant in the first instance then an appeal can be made to the CEO or a designated member of the Senior Management Team if the CEO is involved.

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