Don’t let COVID-19 stop your workforce developing and training!


KEEP TRAINING AND CARRY ON webinar held on 6th May
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Your furloughed staff can continue to complete their apprenticeship programme and you can enrol furloughed staff on an apprenticeship

You may be required to top up the wages of furloughed staff whilst training, an example of this below...

The apprentice is in the first year of their apprenticeship and paid £4.15 per hour by employer.

​If they are then furloughed at 80% through the Covid-19 Job Retention Scheme and there is not employer top-up of their wages they will be getting £3.32 per hour.

​If the apprentices undertakes 6 hours training a week (20% off-the-job training) the top up recovered will be 6 hours multiplied by the 0.83p shortfall. So the total would be £4.98 per week top-up required to be paid by their employer.

Our apprenticeship and workforce development offer can all be delivered remotely and using our online learning technology